Audiophile vinyl double album "HOMELAND" - 2 x 180g vinyl 33rpm - Recorded in the legendary MPS studio - Identical miking with original Neumann microphones like in the 80s!!!

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Familiar Feelings


Soulful Moments

Long Ago

Meet Old Friends

Forgotten Love

So Many Moods

Zufriedenheit ist der Weg zum Glück

Forced to Flee My Homeland

Your Tears Will Dry


* Note on the piece "Forced to Flee My Homeland": All sounds were produced only with the concert grand piano by damping individual piano strings.


Audiophile Double album "HOMELAND" (2 x 180g - 33rpm) - first pressing 500 pieces


Fine audiophile vinyl edition. Recorded in the legendary MPS studio in Villingen on the original Bösendorfer Imperial concert grand piano from 1979 on which Friedrich Gulda, Oscar Peterson and many others recorded their highly acclaimed albums. The original Neumann miking from back then was used! That is why this recording sounds so incredibly dynamic and at the same time wonderfully transparent. The grand piano literally "breathes"... It sounds like the famous MPS recordings from the 70s and 80s! An absolute sound experience!


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Included are pictures of the studio and the recording situation with accompanying text.

Take a "sound bath" and immerse yourself in this soulful album! Also available hand-signed on request!








Piano art with depth... authentic and strikingly realistic sound... First-class pressing and vinyl quality - a real vinyl pearl...

analog 3.23


The marvellous dynamics with an assertive treble are pure pleasure...



A good system provides as much energy and authenticity as if the grand piano were standing in the room...

STEREO 2/2024


Conclusion: Everything is right here: passion, sound, pressing quality, music.

LP Magazine 3/2024




!!! The album is also available as a noble tape edition !!! 

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About this album

This album is an emotional and passionate homage to my homeland. But I don't just want to speak for myself with my music. Everyone has a home and associates it with very personal memories and feelings.


Unfortunately, many people cannot live in their homeland or return to it safely at any time. The streams of refugees in the counter­war speak for themselves. Due to the many wars and conflicts that have recently broken out, the basic idea behind this album is unfortunately more relevant than ever. In light of current events, I dedicate my compositions "Forced to Flee My Homeland" and "Your Tears Will Dry" to all refugees who have had to or still have to leave their homeland for a variety of reasons.


A special highlight is the composition "Forced to Flee My Homeland". All sounds were created using only the concert grand piano by damping individual piano strings. Experience how unusual a concert grand piano can sound ...


This recording was made in the legendary MPS studio in Villingen with a wonderful sounding "Bösendorfer Imperial" concert grand piano. Friedrich Gulda and Oscar Peterson, among others, recorded their highly acclaimed albums here.


The recording was made by the renowned sound engineer Gerd Puchelt using the same microphones and original Neumann microphones that were used by Oscar Peterson and Friedrich Gulda in the 70s and 80s. Thanks to a special micro­phonics setup - a combination of microphones positioned very close to the piano strings and microphones placed at a somewhat greater distance from the grand piano - this authentic audiophile recording has an enormous wealth of detail and extreme dynamics as well as airy transparency.

It sounds simply wonderful! The grand piano unfolds its full color­splendor and literally "breathes"! Take a "sound bath"...


I wish you joy and touching moments with my music.


Martin Vatter


About the pianist:

The pianist Martin Vatter has released numerous CD productions since 1994, many of which have been praised by the specialist press. He has been portrayed on Bavarian Television and Bavarian Radio. His compositions are stylistically located between Keith Jarrett, Tord Gustavsen and Ludovico Einaudi, but also contain many classical elements and therefore do not fit into any genre category.

Experience the unmistaka­ble musical "signature" of Martin Vatter.



Pictures from the recording in the legendary MPS studio:


Image 1: Recording­ituation and recording­room with the legendary "Bösendorfer Imperial"  concert­grand piano (built in 1979) in the MPS studio in Villingen.   Microphones used:  4 x "Neumann U 87" (3 directly above the hammers, 1 behind),  1 x "Neumann SM 69" in the bend, 2 x "BRUEL & KJAER 4006" as room­microphones.


Image 2: The recording is not only available as a fine vinyl production, as an audio CD and as a high-resolution HighRes recording (24BIT / 96kHz), but also as a purely analog tape recording. The recording was made with the MPS studio tape machine TELEFUNKEN M15, with which the most famous recordings were made in the 70s and 80s!


Picture 3: Pianist Martin Vatter at the "Bösendorfer Imperial" concert­grand  piano.








Dis­cover the two awarded CDs "TRY A NEW WAY" and "NIGHT IMPRESSIONS" as audio­phile 180g vinyl record. (Scroll down to listen to audio samples).

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Audio­phile high end pressing quality from the renowned german PALLAS company. LP bag made of extra thick cardboard and special color printing.  Direct Metal Maste­ring (DMM) by Pauler Acoustics (Stockfisch Records). Cover made of extra thick cardboard and special ­color­print. The last ones, because no more DMM pressing matrix available !!! Hand signed!
A real "reference LP" for hi-fi gour­mets and vinyl lovers!
All sounds were achieved only with the grand piano by muting and plucking individual piano strings!

LP-TIP: Splen­did grand piano-sound and a fantastic pressing quality!
AUDIO 8/2007

An unequi­vocal recommenda­tion for hifi gourmets!


Mini­malistic key­board mood music for the mind. Dyna­mics are ultra-wide. The recording will get your attention!
Michael Fremer


Night Train

Midnight Prayer


Moon Mania

Magic Night

Try A New Way

That's Life

Mother Earth


A Heartbreakers' Voice