"Audiophile CD Of The Month" - CD "PIANO HIGHLIGHTS"

It couldn´t have been more audiophile!

AUDIO 8/2013
"Audiophile CD of the Month"

It couldn´t have been more audiophile!
"Piano Highlights", a compilation of the most beautiful pieces by pianist Martin Vatter, was mastered by sound engineer Jürgen Reis. The recording had the highest dynamics in focus. So much so that the pieces were now pressed in gold in the best audiophile quality.

Long-term readers might remember that we have our former chief editor Joachim Pfeiffer to thank for his discovery of Martin Vatter for AUDIO. Pfeiffer has a great ear for this. Since then the pianist from the Bavarian village of Etting, who is inspired by Keith Jarrett, has gained an excellent reputation in the German piano scene and in our circles as well. Time and again Martin Vatter and Jürgen Reis, the chief developer of the high-end company MBL, have proven to be a dream team.

Out of the comtemplative and sophisticated rhythms, Reis, a trained sound engineer, took the most beautiful pieces and produced this gold CD without limiters and compressors. Even for the original recordings on Vatter´s Steinway grand piano they had paid attention to highest dynamics and best ingredients – all of which can be heard now: A dynamic range of 13 speaks volumes within the music scene – it couldn´t have been more audiophile!

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