"Audiophile Of The Month" - CD "PIANO HIGHLIGHTS"

Time For Emotions

stereoplay 8/2013
"Audiophile of the Month"

Time for emotions
The Bavarian Martin Vatter is a rare individual. Not only in terms of music can he not be placed into one category, but he has also walked an individual path for the distribution of his music. Since 1994, Vatter has recorded, with renowned sound engineers, one CD and four maxi discs, all of which are sought after in audiophile circles due to their excellent quality and sound – and they were all sold to music lovers by him personally via his website.
For his 24 carat gold CD "Piano Highlights", a round trip through his repertoire, Vatter found an additional distribution partner, Wolfgang Feld. With his Zounds label, Feld has already launched many beautiful remastered CDs – as well as cooperated with stereoplay’s sister publication AUDIO. For "Piano Highlights", Feld was only the producer.
The mastering was done excellently by Martin Vatter’s favourite sound engineer Jürgen Reis (MBL). As no compressors or limiters were used, so the music jewels in this gold CD treasure box are distinguished by their airy, natural sound and high dynamics. He also used piano strings that are prepared in a most unusual way. They underline the subtleties of Vatter´s imaginations on the grand piano. Keith Jarrett has clearly been the artist´s inspiration with lines that are melodiously clear, flowing, sometimes powerful, almost rocky, and then romatically lyrical. Time for emotions, time for audiophile pleasures.


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