"Musik To Relax"

"Music to relax to"

"Away from the beaten track of music industry mainstream marketing, one can find delicate musical plants that thrive and prosper, and which enchant listeners. Martin Vatter, composer and pianist, has gained a growing reputation in audiophile circles over the last few years. In the meantime American listeners have also acquired an appreciation for his music. As you will know, Vatter´s sound productions are outstanding. The CD “KLANGBILDER”, which has just been published, impressively demonstrates how much the artist´s musical style has developed. Wonderful arcs of melody, tentative yet charged, create pictures in the mind that are wonderful and authentic. “KLANGBILDER”, also features effects that illustrate the possibilities and limitations of a hi-fi system. The pieces were performed on an excellent Steinway grand piano built in 1929 and recorded professionally at sound studio Bauer in Ludwigsburg...”
Joachim Pfeiffer - Chief Journalist Magazine AUDIO

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