„Portrait of the artist: Martin Vatter, pianist“

Portrait of the artist: Martin Vatter, pianist


Portrait of the artist: Martin Vatter, pianist

„...In his expressive piano productions Martin Vatter also wants to try out innovative ways to elicit new sounds from the instrument. In doing so, he doesn’t shrink from using complicated recording techniques. All sounds are played in real time and recorded one on top of each other. That is how a multi-layered, totally new sound experience is created on this musical instrument; something that has never been experienced up to now. It’s a musical voyage of discovery through totally new worlds of sound that can be discovered by the following sound carriers:

CD “Ask The Piano”:
“This is Martin Vatter’s first production. It was recorded 1994 in the renowned “Bauer Studios” in Ludwigsburg in a very big hall using the Neumann tube-microphone “SM 69”... The person in charge was the internationally famous sound engineer Carlos Albrecht who is highly appreciated in the audiophile world. A sound expedition for all those who prefer romantic piano sounds.”

CD “Be You”:
“Recorded in the Munich “Art By Heart” Studio in 1999 with Schoeps microphones... This resulted in making the mechanical sounds (pedal and damper noises) audible in the most wonderful way... A very direct and touching recording played with an incredible amount of emotion expressed in the music...”

Maxi-CD „Try A New Way“:
“...Produced in 2004 at the „Art By Heart“ studio in Munich and mastered by „Pauler Acoustics“ (Stockfisch-Records)... Here again Schoeps microphones were used so that the recording sounds immensely clear and full of details...”

Maxi-CD „Night Impressions“:
“...Recorded in 2006 at the „Art By Heart“ studio in Munich and mastered at „Stockfisch” Records. The artist uses only five titles to seduce the audience to enter sound worlds that do not sound like a piano only... It is an enrichment especially for those music lovers who enjoy new, unusual sounds... A listening experience of the special kind...”

180g Vinyl Record „Night Impressions - Try A New Way“:
The debut vinyl record of the artist now demonstrates once-and-for-all his desire to be perfect. The high quality copper DMMs were made by Günter Pauler (Stockfisch- Records). This alone serves as a guarantee for the record’s fine sound... An unequivocal recommendation for hifi gourmets!...”

„An impressive musical performance that Martin Vatter gave here. His way of presenting the piano in quite unusual sound variations had to be honoured without any doubt... For those who are all too familiar with Keith Jarrett (already because they have listened to his music too often) Martin Vatter is a worthwhile alternative...”

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